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Monroe County Family Coalition

You can make a difference

Monroe County Family Coalition

You can make a difference

Family Wellness Conference Provides Resources for Hundreds of Local Residents to Improve Quality of Life Written by Jonathan Ghent (WritLarge PR LLC)

Family Wellness Conference Provides Resources
for Hundreds of Local Residents to Improve Quality of Life

The Monroe County Family Coalition (MCFC) hosted its first-ever Youth and Family Wellness Conference to promote physical, emotional, and financial wellness in the Greater Rochester community. Over the course of two days, more than 300 people attended the conference and participated in educational sessions designed to promote healthy living for all ages.

The theme of the conference was “Building Family Wellness: It Takes a Village,” emphasizing the importance of a multi-generational approach to promoting health and wellness. Attendees enjoyed a festive atmosphere with great food, engaging speakers, and an array of activities for adults and children alike.

Day One – Friday, May 31, 2024
The venue for the Friday evening session was the Brighton Presbyterian Church on East Avenue in Rochester. Former NFL player and Rochester native Quentin Gause co-hosted the opening night and delivered the keynote address, sharing his journey from Bishop Kearney High School to Rutgers University and all the way to the NFL. Throughout his remarks, he provided examples of the hard work, focus (like prioritizing homework over video games), determination, and sacrifice required to succeed in sports and in life. He touched on the eight dimensions of wellness (emotional, physical, occupational, social, spiritual, intellectual, environmental, and financial) and stressed the importance of developing healthy habits to be more productive individuals and members of society.

The 75 attendees participated in workshops to learn more about topics including
yoga, mindfulness walks, job opportunities, and they played interactive games like cornhole and jump rope.

Day Two – Saturday, June 1, 2024
On Saturday, more than 250 attendees convened at East High School for day two of the Family Wellness Conference. More than 30 vendors and exhibitors set up tables to share information about the services they offer the community.

After breakfast, MCFC President and CEO Dina Johnson delivered a rousing welcome, thanking sponsors and attendees for making the event possible. Johnson also delivered a heartfelt tribute to Lisa Dorsey, who recently passed away. Dorsey was Co-Founder of the Monroe County Family Coalition, a school counselor, and a champion for family wellness in Rochester.

Keynote speaker Candace Cabral — a mother of four and proud member of the Rochester community — spoke enthusiastically about the need for parents to be included in decision-making circles, and her work in Albany and Washington D.C. as a health equity advocate.

Attendees participated in four breakout sessions. The topics were financial wellness; mental health — a dialogue with youth and families; painting with faith; and bridging generational gaps with respect, responsibility, and resilience.
The workshops were followed by a panel discussion featuring guests from all walks of life including healthcare providers, parents, and students. The group embodied the conference theme, Building Family Wellness: It Takes a Village, and highlighted the need for a variety of community resources to work together to support families.

To underscore the importance of health and wellness in our community, Mayor Malik Evans and Monroe County Executive Adam Bello proclaimed June 1, 2024, as Family Wellness Day in Rochester. Josie McClary, Monroe County’s Chief Community Engagement Officer, presented the proclamation to Dina Johnson.

Former NFL player and Rochester native Bruce Johnson gave a second keynote address highlighting the importance of focusing on wellness in all aspects of life. Since leaving the NFL, Johnson has worked as a performance specialist for professional athletes, a football coach at East High School, and a financial services professional at an investment firm. He stressed the need for availability of resources for mental and social well-being because everyone faces challenges, so we should not underestimate the importance of community strength for personal growth.

To close out the conference, MCFC gave away 500 backpacks filled with school supplies and 500 wellness bags filled with information and resources to help improve family wellness. They also announced the winners of a raffle for a 65-inch TV, an iPad, and more.

Building on a Successful Event
Over the summer, MCFC will continue its campaign to promote family wellness in the Greater Rochester community by hosting a workforce development program, a financial wellness workshop, and maintaining a community garden at Mary McCloud Bethune School No. 45.

“We’re building bridges to help the systems that serve our community work together more effectively,” said MCFC President and CEO Dina Johnson. “When health care, education, housing, and transportation systems are more connected, they’re much better equipped to fulfill their mission and support local residents. This makes it easier for residents to access the services they need.”

“It takes a village to create a better life for future generations,” concluded Johnson. “This theme came to life at our Family Wellness Conference through an outpouring of support from our amazing community.”

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**MCFC has been selected as an award recipient for the Invest in Others 2023 Grant for Change through Vision Financial Group**

A special recognition and heartfelt thanks go to Priscilla Parker, our dedicated community partner, committee member, and financial broker for Vision Financial Group. Priscilla's exceptional dedication and passion in working on the Invest in Others 2023 to secure this grant are truly commendable. MCFC is profoundly grateful for her unwavering commitment to serving the community. At MCFC, we are dedicated to empowering underserved communities for a brighter future by providing robust support to enrich the community and dismantling the stigma that continues to plague our underserved communities. It's about change, and we are committed to being a part of the change to empower the people we serve! ___

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Making a Difference with MCFC: Monroe County Family Coalition, Inc. (MCFC) is a nonprofit organiztion formed by a group of Monroe County parents, teachers, and counselors, in the wake of the Black Families Matter rally that was held on June 20, 2020. The community within Greece, NY, came together with a vision to create opportunities for families to bring about change, and bridge inequality gaps in the community. To consistently explore innovative ways to advocate on behalf of families within our region

The Mission of the MCFC

1.To connect local families to community resources and bridge the gap between local government and partnering agencies and at-risk youth and families

2. To create safe places for a courageous dialog between various entities within the community that addresses diverse contentious matters.

3. Our Vision: Creating opportunities for families to bring about change and bridge inequality gaps in the community.

Core values:

1. To serve the community with integrity.

2. To be committed to dependability.

3. To consistently explore innovative ways to advocate on behalf of families

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The MCFC is invested in serving the community by assuring that local governing bodies and key stakeholders provide adequate resources to youth and families. The MCFC also has a passion to one day provide a one-stop-shop that will allow residents to have access to technology, tutoring, childcare, mind and body wellbeing, and mental health support. To stand by our vision and mission, we need your help. By donating today, you will assist MCFC to move its mission forward.

You can also visit our PAYPAL PAGE to make donations